Evaluation: Hillrom Viking XL Bariatric Mobile Patient Lift

July 17, 2019 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • Patient lifts are capable of supporting patients who are unable to bear their own weight, and are designed to hoist and transfer patients safely to and from beds, wheelchairs, toilets, or bathtubs, as well as to pick up fallen patients.
  • Major device components and software features:
    • Base: V-shaped base design that can be opened for additional stability during a transfer or narrowed to move through a tight place. Four casters on the base allow the lift to move.
    • Mast: Connects the base to the boom and supports the lifting mechanism
    • Lifting mechanism: The Viking XL utilizes an arc lifting mechanism. The patient is brought increasingly near the mast of the lift while being raised to the highest position. A cylindrical actuator, located between the boom and the mast, serves as the lifting mechanism.
    • Boom: Connected to the mast and extends over the base to support the spreader bar
    • Spreader bar (also called hanger, swivel, or sling bar): A sling is suspended from this bar. The Viking XL is typically purchased with a four-point spreader bar because this design provides a bigger surface area to lift from, which is ideal for bariatric patients.
    • Battery: A detachable battery stored behind the mast supplies power to the lift.

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