Evaluation: Hillrom LikoGuard XL Bariatric Ceiling-Mounted Patient Lift

December 18, 2019 | Evaluations & Guidance


Note:This Evaluation includes some new features, including a table called Considerations for Challenging Environments. These features have been added to increase the relevance of our Evaluations for facilities functioning in a wider range of environments and at various resource levels around the world. Read about these new features and the new international reach of our Evaluations.

Here's how the Hillrom LikoGuard XL compares with the other products we've evaluated.

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Last updated 11/2019

The LikoGuard XL is a very good choice for hospitals and long-term care facilities looking for a bariatric ceiling-mounted lift to hoist and transfer patients unable to bear their own weight. Our findings are based on in-house lab testing, clinical literature review, and user feedback. The LikoGuard XL has many soft accessories (e.g., slings) to accommodate a wide variety of tasks and patient types. This lift is able to cease upward movement when the lift strap is twisted upon entering the motor. Mechanical emergency lowering can be activated by a caregiver standing on the floor (i.e., without having to access the motor using a ladder or tool). Additionally, this ceiling lift has a list of general malfunctions from which an appropriate message will be flashed across the display when the lift encounters an issue. Hillrom provides a readily available guide listing compatible cleaning solutions for its lifts, including the LikoGuard XL. This chart includes a disinfectant that is effective at killing Clostridium difficile (C. diff).

There are no significant concerns about the use of this product in challenging environments. The lift can be used within a broad range of atmospheric conditions. Like all ceiling lifts, it must be used with a track system; if the weight limit needed for the motor can't be supported by the facility's infrastructure, a freestanding track can be used. Finally, users must be familiar with the...

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