Evaluation: HandyMetrics SpeedyAudit Lite Hand Hygiene Observation App

November 21, 2018 | Evaluations & Guidance


Here's how the HandyMetrics SpeedyAudit Lite app compares with the other product we've evaluated.

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The SpeedyAudit Lite app is a good choice for a hand hygiene observation app without a web portal. The app accounts for the fact that, when multiple reasons for performing hand hygiene are present simultaneously, a clinician only needs to perform hand hygiene once—a permissible practice according to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. Additionally, the app can collect hand hygiene observations without an Internet connection. The app met our criteria for performance, safety, workflow, interoperability, cybersecurity, maintenance, and user experience.

The SpeedyAudit Lite. (Image courtesy of HandyMetrics.)
  1. The SpeedyAudit Lite app facilitates direct observation of hand hygiene compliance of clinical staff, vendors, and visitors in an acute care facility, long-term care facility, ambulatory care/surgical center, or physician office.

a) Hand hygiene compliance rates are calculated by dividing the number of hand hygiene events (i.e., washing hands with soap and water or rubbing hands with alcohol sanitizer) by the number of hand hygiene opportunities. To identify hand hygiene opportunities, the app considers the hand hygiene indications (i.e., reasons for hand hygiene, such as before and after patient contact) entered into the app by the observer. When multiple indications are present, the app equates them to one opportunity, in accordance with WHO guidelines. This means that, for example, if a clinician performs hand hygiene after touching a patient and moves to another patient, the app will view both indications (after patient contact and before patient contact) as a single opportunity. Thus, the clinician will...

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