Evaluation: Guldmann GLS5 Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift

August 14, 2019 | Evaluations & Guidance


Here's how the Guldmann GLS5 compares with the other products we've evaluated.

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The GLS5 is a good choice for hospitals looking for a sit-to-stand patient lift to hoist patients with partial weight-bearing capabilities from a sitting to a standing position. Our findings are based on in-house lab testing, clinical literature review, and user feedback. During our user experience testing, the GLS5 scored highly in the assessment of usability, maneuverability, and visibility around the lift and patient during a patient transfer. However, Guldmann does not offer disposable slings that are compatible with the GLS5. Also, the GLS5 lift has an IPX0 ingress protection rating, meaning it does not offer any water resistance.

The GLS5. (Image courtesy of Guldmann.)

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