Evaluation: GuardRFID TotGuard Infant Security System

April 17, 2019 | Evaluations & Guidance


Here's how the GuardRFID TotGuard infant security system compares with the other product we've evaluated.

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The GuardRFID TotGuard system is a very good choice for facilities that want to alert clinicians to unauthorized attempts to remove an infant from a designated care area.

  1. The TotGuard utilizes tagged wristbands, ankle bands, or umbilical tags that will generate an alarm if an unauthorized person attempts to remove an infant from a designated care area (e.g., maternity unit, nursery, neonatal ICU NICU).

  2. Major device components and software features:

a) Infant tags: These tags are small, lightweight microchips that are attached to the infant's wrist, ankle, or umbilical cord using an adjustable band or a clamp. The tag transmits a periodic location beacon to the tag reader and contains a low-frequency receiver for detecting signals from tag exciters. The vendor offers:

(1) Ankle...

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