Evaluation: GE Healthcare Vivid E95 Premium Cardiac Ultrasound Scanner

January 31, 2018 | Evaluations & Guidance


The GE Vivid E95 is an excellent choice for diagnostic and interventional cardiac applications.

  1. Diagnostic ultrasound scanners obtain images and other data that are used to assess patient anatomy and physiology. These devices are also used to provide imaging guidance for interventional procedures.

a) Premium cardiac ultrasound scanners are used to obtain high-quality ultrasound data regarding the heart and vasculature, and allow users to perform advanced imaging assessments, such as 3-D and 4-D (i.e., real-time 3-D) imaging.

b) These devices are also used intraoperatively for patient monitoring and to provide guidance for interventional procedures.

  1. The major components of the Vivid E95 and their functions are:

a) A console on wheels that is 54.4 × (123 to 167) × 84.4 cm (W × H × D; 21.8 × 48.4 to 65.8 × 33.3 in) in size and weighs 126 kg (278 lb)

(1) The console contains a computer that controls the ultrasound signal generator, receiver, and processor using both confocal imaging—a GE technology that eliminates the need for a user-adjustable focal zone—and GE's cSound technology.

(2) Imaging modes and features...

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