Evaluation: ForaCare Test N’ Go (TN’G) Voice Smartphone-Enabled Portable Blood Glucose Meter

May 17, 2017 | Evaluations & Guidance


The ForaCare Test N' Go (TN'G) Voice smartphone-enabled portable blood glucose meter is a good choice for measuring and tracking blood glucose in a home setting. The meter has voice features that could be useful to visually impaired patients, but the patients may find it hard to enter contextual information in the smartphone app, and even if they do, that information is not automatically communicated to their clinician.

​! *Figure 1.**The Test N' Go Voice. (Image courtesy of ForaCare.)*

  1. The primary purpose of ForaCare's TN'G Voice is quantitative measurement of blood glucose.

  2. The TN'G Voice is a home aid to assist people...

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