Evaluation: Ecolab Individual-Level Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System

April 25, 2018 | Evaluations & Guidance


The Ecolab hand hygiene compliance monitoring system (HHCMS) is an excellent choice for an individual-level HHCMS. The Ecolab system met our criteria for safety, interoperability, and user experience. The system has several advantages in performance, workflow, and maintenance. The system can alert administrators when Ecolab automatic dispensers are empty, and does not require access to facility networks to gather hand hygiene events and opportunities and transmit them to Ecolab system servers. For workflow, the system allows administrators to designate isolation rooms for patients with suspected or confirmed infections caused by bacterial spores or Candida auris (which share the same contact precautions). For isolation room exit, the system considers users to be compliant only if they have used soap. The system offers hand hygiene timing customization for individual users. Ecolab also offers a battery management and recycling program in which the vendor performs battery replacement for user badges, dispenser sensors, and care-area sensors and recycles all used batteries.

‚Äč! Illustration of the Ecolab system showing user badges with hand hygiene compliance status LEDs lit: red (user is not compliant) and green (user is compliant). (Image courtesy of Ecolab.)

  1. The Ecolab system provides hand hygiene compliance rates at an individual, unit, group, or possibly facility level for clinicians who...

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