Evaluation: dBMEDx BBS Revolution Bladder Scanner

December 21, 2018 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The purpose of the BBS Revolution is to calculate an estimate of urinary bladder volume. There are no supplementary uses of the device.
  • Contraindications: This device is contraindicated for:
    • Fetal use, or use on pregnant patients
    • Use on patients with open or damaged skin, or with wounds in the suprapubic region
  • Major device components include:
    • A 20.5 × 19.5 × 15 cm (8 × 7.7 × 5.9 in) display console that contains the ultrasound signal generator, receiver, and processor. The console is attached to the top of the wheeled stand. It has a 17.7 cm (7 in) color video display with a digital readout of bladder volume in mL and icons to indicate the Bluetooth connection and the battery status. After data acquisition, a graphic is displayed that indicates the relation of the bladder to the ultrasound field. A recessed tray on the console holds the scanner when it is not in use.
    • A handheld, wireless scanner (probe) (1) The scanner contains eight rotating transducers that transmit 3.1 MHz ultrasound across a 180° region into the patient and receive reflected echoes, which are used to calculate an estimate of the bladder volume. The scanner's footprint (i.e., the portion that is in contact with the patient) is 54 cm2 (8.4 in2). Bladder volume data is transferred wirelessly from the scanner to the console. When the scanner is docked in the console tray, a yellow light on the scanner indicates that its battery is charging.

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