Evaluation: CenTrak NewBaby Infant Security System

April 17, 2019 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The NewBaby utilizes tagged wristbands, ankle bands, or umbilical tags that will generate an alarm if an unauthorized person attempts to remove an infant from a designated care area (e.g., maternity unit, nursery, or neonatal ICU NICU).
  • Major device components and software features:
    • Infant tags: These tags are small, lightweight microchips that are attached to the infant's wrist, ankle, or umbilical cord using an adjustable band or a clamp. The tags send signals to receivers even when the patient is not near an egress point; the signals are emitted at regular intervals to the door controller and can be used to help identify patient location, allowing staff to monitor the patient's movement. The vendor offers:
      • Ankle or wrist tags (NewBaby Tag Micro, Patient Tag Mini, and Infant Secure tags), which offer tamper detection
      • Umbilical tags (NewBaby umbilical tags), which are attached to the infant's umbilical cord using an umbilical clamp mount
    • Security Elevator/Door Orion Controller (IT-640): Positioned at egress locations such as doors, elevators, windows, and stairwells. The controller generates an exciter field, which defines the elevator or door coverage. It receives information from the LF (Low Frequency) Exciter antenna, which it transmits to the server. The controller will sound alarms both locally and through a central workstation/display, and the egress point can be configured to lock automatically.
      • LF Exciter Antenna (IT-650): The antenna is connected to the elevator/door controller through a coaxial cable. The exciter antenna emits low-frequency signals to detect infant tags in the configured field range (0.6 to 7.6 m 2 to 25 ft).
      • LF exciter antennas are usually installed above or below the ceiling.
    • NewBaby server (CenTrak Security Solutions server): Collects, processes, and distributes all data received from the door controller and exciter antennas. The vendor uses an Ethernet or 802.11b network to communicate between the workstation, components, and tags. The information from the server is transmitted to the NewBaby client application/workstation. The CenTrak Security Solutions application and system server are always set up locally on a customer-supplied hardware device.

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