Evaluation Background: Safety Syringes and Needles

October 27, 2022 | Evaluations & Guidance


Here's background for our Evaluations of safety syringes and needles, outlining the key considerations for making wise purchasing decisions. Learn how the technology is used, which specs are important, and what factors we test for. Also review our latest product ratings and data describing ECRI member hospitals' interest in each vendor.

Safety syringes and needles are used for intramuscular (IM), intradermal, and subcutaneous injections. These devices include some type of safety design (e.g., needle shield, needle-retracting mechanism) to protect healthcare workers and patients from needlestick injuries.

Major components of safety syringes and safety needles include:

  1. Safety mechanism

a) Passive (i.e., automatically activated) or active (i.e., user-activated)

b) Either incorporated into a syringe (in the case of a safety syringe) or attached to a needle that can be connected (e.g., Luer-lock) to an existing syringe (in the case of a safety needle)

  1. Safety...

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