Evaluation: Arjo Maxi Move Mobile Patient Lift

July 17, 2019 | Evaluations & Guidance


Here's how the Arjo Maxi Move compares with the other products we've evaluated.

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The Maxi Move is a very good choice for hospitals looking for a mobile patient lift to hoist and transfer patients unable to bear their own weight. Our findings are based on in-house lab testing, clinical literature review, and user feedback. The Maxi Move's base sits 6.4 or 9.9 cm (2.25 or 3.9 in) above the floor (depending on the chassis configuration), which allows for clearance under even very low stretchers. The Maxi Move can be used for ambulation in conjunction with Arjo's walking jacket. The lift has many soft accessories (e.g., slings) to accommodate a wide variety of tasks and patient types. During our patient experience testing, the Maxi Move scored highly in the assessment of smoothness of patient transfer, sling comfort, sling security, and sling support. During our user experience testing, the Maxi Move scored highly for its maneuverability and for visibility around the lift and patient during a patient transfer.

The Maxi Move configured with the low chassis option (9.9 cm 3.9 in). (Image courtesy of Arjo.)
  1. Patient lifts are capable of supporting patients who are unable to bear their own weight, and are designed to hoist and transfer patients safely to and from beds, wheelchairs, toilets, or bathtubs, as well as to pick up fallen patients.

  2. Major device...

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