Evaluation: Zoll Medical R Series External Manual Defibrillator

April 1, 2011 | Evaluations & Guidance


For In-Hospital Applications Only

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This model is not intended for prehospital (emergency medical service) use and thus has not been rated for that application.

The R Series is a top choice because it offers a CPR feedback feature (Real CPR Help), it also has a feature that allows the user to view the patient's ECG during CPR (See-Thru CPR).

The R Series is also available with the Zoll Defibrillator Dashboard feature (real-time continuous device readiness monitoring), which facilities may want to consider purchasing if they are having issues with defibrillators being left unplugged and batteries not being charged. Implementation of this feature, coupled with the availability of the automated self-test, may save nursing time associated with testing defibrillators.

*The R Series. ...

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