Evaluation: Zoll Medical AED Plus Defibrillator

January 1, 2009 | Evaluations & Guidance


First-responder use. Acceptable

Public access defibrillation (PAD). Preferred

We consider the Zoll AED Plus to be an excellent choice for first-responder use and public access defibrillation (PAD) applications. It is lightweight, portable, and very easy to use. It has only two control buttons (one for power and one for shock), and it provides voice prompts that are loud and clear, making it easy for users to follow the American Heart Association (AHA) protocol for automated external defibrillator (AED) use. Additionally, the one-piece electrode helps ensure correct placement on the chest, and the CPR monitoring function provides feedback on compression depth and rate. The unit also comes prepackaged with scissors, a razor, gloves, a CPR mask, and an antibacterial wipe—tools that may be needed during a resuscitation attempt. The unit requires minimal battery maintenance and greatly exceeded our criterion for battery-powered operating time. Particularly helpful for PAD applications (in which the device is used infrequently), the unit performs daily self-tests and provides audible and visual maintenance indicators to warn operators when a self-test has failed. The unit is also a relatively inexpensive model with a list price of $2,383.

The AED Plus ready to use (left) and in its carrying case (right). Note the CPR-D padz one-piece electrode assembly in the left-hand photo.

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