Evaluation: Siemens Freestyle Portable Ultrasound Scanner

June 15, 2016 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The Freestyle is a portable ultrasound scanner that is marketed for interventional guidance applications, including intraoperative imaging, and provides the following:
    • B-mode imaging
    • Color Doppler imaging (CDI)
    • Power Doppler imaging (PDI)
    • Enhanced-needle-visualization software
  • The Freestyle supports wireless transducers (listed below in the Transducers Supported by the Freestyle and Their Clinical Applications table).
    • Bluetooth 2.0 technology is used for bidirectional data communication with the scanner.
    • Only one transducer can be active at a time.
    • Wireless connectivity is up to a distance of 3 m (10 ft).
    • Operation requires an unobstructed line of sight between the transducer and console.
    • The wireless signal transmits data in a proprietary format that is secure. The data contains no patient identifiers and can be processed only by the Freestyle console.
    • Once a connection is established between the transducer and console, the wireless signal is not discoverable by other Bluetooth devices.
    • A transducer localization feature emits beeps if the distance between the transducer and console is greater than that normally used for scanning.
      • The scanner displays a message on the screen instructing the user to locate and secure the transducer.
      • If the console is turned off but a transducer is still active, the transducer will emit beeps to alert the user to its location.
    • One transducer at a time can be connected to the scanner with a cable.
  • The Freestyle console has the following characteristics:
    • Dimensions: 37.3 × 33. 5 × 12.1 cm (15 × 13.2 × 4.8 in); weight: 4.8 kg (10.5 lb)
    • Components: (1) A 38.1 cm (15 in), wide-viewing-angle LCD, which is used to display:
      • The ultrasound image
      • Patient identification
      • Date and time
      • User-adjustable control labels
      • Active image parameter settings

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