Evaluation: Shimadzu Mobile DaRt Evolution EFX Mobile Radiographic Unit

December 23, 2015 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • Primary purpose of the device:
    • General adult 2-D radiographic studies; mostly chest x-ray
    • Pediatric; neonatal
    • Orthopedic
  • Major device components:
    • Motorized wheeled cart with conventional column
      • The cart size is 58 × 122 cm.
      • The column is 193 × 18.5 cm.
      • It has decent driving visibility. An object 70 cm tall and 20 cm wide can be seen 150 cm from the cart with a small tilt of the user's head.
    • Batteries
      • The system has a high-capacity battery with a very accurate battery indicator.
      • The battery provides power for more than 90 exposures at 50 mAs-80 kV (within an eight-hour work shift), and the cart can be driven for more than 1,600 meters (a mile).
    • Motor drives
      • It has dual motor drives for each wheel, with a zero turn radius.
      • The system has fine-positioning controls on the tube head, with two buttons for forward and backward movements.

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