Evaluation: ReadyDock Duo Countertop UV Disinfection Device

June 21, 2017 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The primary purpose of the ReadyDock Duo is to disinfect user- or facility-owned mobile devices (phones, tablets, pagers, and laptops) that may be susceptible to damage by chemical disinfection methods (70% isopropyl alcohol, bleach, or other disinfectants). Note that repeated exposure to UVC radiation can degrade materials such as plastics.
  • Major device components:
    • One drawer that can be customized with:
      • Two 25 cm (10 in) long, 20 cm (8 in) wide metal baskets to hold mobile phones, pagers, or tablets
      • Plastic proprietary universal holders, called SharkFins, that ReadyDock positions in a drawer to hold specific models of opened laptops with screens up to 38 cm (15 in) (measured diagonally)
    • Four bulbs—two each on the left and right interior walls
    • A touchscreen display
    • A home screen, which shows:
      • A Start button for users to initiate a disinfection cycle; the default disinfection cycle time is 30 seconds
      • A disinfection status panel, which alerts users to disinfection cycle completion, disinfection status (disinfected or not disinfected), or lamp fault errors
      • A lamp status light, which alerts users when bulbs need to be replaced (prior to bulb burnout)
        • Once it reaches one year of bulb usage, the Duo will no longer function.
        • Bulb replacement must be performed for device function to resume.
      • A Setup button, which displays a number keypad and prompts users to enter a passcode (a) If the passcode 123 is entered and Continue is pressed, the Disinfection Time Selection Dial appears and allows users to change the disinfection cycle time to 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, or 125 seconds. *ECRI Institute does not recommend setting the disinfection time below 75 seconds on the ReadyDock Duo.

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