Evaluation: Philips Healthcare Epiq 7 Premium General-Purpose Ultrasound Scanner

November 16, 2016 | Evaluations & Guidance


Here's how the Philips Epiq 7 compares with the other products we've evaluated.

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The Epiq 7 premium ultrasound scanner is an excellent choice for general-purpose applications and, when configured with the required options, may be used for advanced applications that include strain and shear-wave elastography, fusion imaging, contrast-enhanced imaging, needle navigation, and 3-D/4-D imaging. The scanner met all of our required criteria, had no disadvantages, and incorporates desirable workflow enhancements such as a large video display and an intuitive, customizable touchscreen interface. The scanner offers wired and optional Wi-Fi connectivity and met our safety and security criteria.

​! The Epiq 7. (Image courtesy of Philips.)

  1. Diagnostic ultrasound scanners are used to obtain images and other data that are used to assess patient anatomy and physiology. These devices are also used to provide imaging guidance for interventional procedures.

  2. Premium general-purpose ultrasound scanners are used to obtain high-quality ultrasound data and allow users to perform advanced imaging assessments.

  3. There are no supplementary uses of these devices.

  4. The major components of the...

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