Evaluation: Mindray Medical International A5 Advantage Anesthesia Unit for General-Purpose and Low-Acuity/Ambulatory Surgery Applications

November 30, 2020 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The A5 Advantage is used for general anesthesia during surgery for the entire range of patients (neonates through adults).
  • The unit can also be used to provide supplemental oxygen (O2—typically via a nasal cannula or loose-fitting mask) and capnography during monitored anesthesia care (MAC).
  • Major components and features:
    • Minimum dimensions (D × W): 81 × 109 cm (32 × 43 in)
    • Ventilator and breathing system
      • 1,500 mL ascending bellows
      • Uses fresh gas compensation to prevent changes in fresh gas flow from affecting delivered tidal volumes
      • Automatically compensates for breathing circuit compliance (breathing circuit compliance must be measured at the start of each case or if the circuit is changed during a case)
      • Bellows are located in the back of the breathing system assembly, on the left side of the unit.
      • Volume during manual ventilation: 3.3 L (including absorber container but not breathing bag)
      • Volume during automatic ventilation: 4.35 L (including absorber container and bellows)
    • Fresh gas controls
      • Mechanical valves that control the flows of O2 (0-15 L/min), air (0-15 L/min), and nitrous oxide (N2O) (0-12 L/min)
      • Knobs located on the left side of the front of the unit
      • Flow is measured by electronic flow sensors (as opposed to physical flow tubes).
      • Controls will work in the absence of electrical power.
    • Vaporizers
      • The A5 Advantage works only with Selectatec-style vaporizers.
      • The unit can have two or three active vaporizer mounts.
      • In addition, one inactive mount is available on the right side of the active mounting bar.
    • Absorber
      • Container for either loose-fill absorbent material or absorbent Pre-Paks
      • Bypass valve allows absorbent to be changed during a case without introducing a leak into the breathing system.
      • Container is located under the breathing system on the left side of the unit.
    • Total flow meter
      • Measures the total fresh gas flow (0-10 L/min)
      • Flow tube located on the front of the unit under the fresh gas control knobs
    • Pressure gauge
      • Pressure is measured manually, and is also measured electronically and displayed on the screen.
      • If the unit loses all electrical power, the manual pressure gauge continues to function.
      • The pressure gauge is circular and located on the left side of the breathing system assembly.
    • Illumination
      • The unit has lights on the underside of the top shelf that shine onto the work surface and illuminate the vaporizer control dials.
      • Auxiliary O2 and air flow meters are also backlit.
      • It offers two levels of brightness.
      • The lights are controlled with a switch on the right side of the unit, above the vaporizer mount location.
    • Auxiliary O2 and air
      • There are two mechanical flow controls and flow tubes that deliver a metered flow of gas separate from the normal fresh gas flow: one each for O2 and air (0-15 L/min).
      • O2 concentration of auxiliary gas can be controlled indirectly by the relative flows of O2 and air.

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