Evaluation: Maquet Volista 600 Major LED Surgical Light

March 9, 2016 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The Maquet Volista 600 is used to provide high-quality, consistent, and shadow-free illumination for surgical teams to see into deep cavities in a patient's body.
  • An optional high-definition (HD) video camera may be mounted in the central light handle that provides controllable views of the surgical site, which may be transmitted to video monitors around the OR.
  • Major components and features:
    • Sixteen LEDs with a center ring of eight LEDs, with specially designed large high-efficiency collimator lenses intended to focus beams of light as a means of shadow dilution.
    • Maximum light illuminance intensity: approximately 130,000 lux, as measured by ECRI.
      • There are five intensity settings, from 20% to 100% illuminance.
      • There is also BOOST functionality, which increases intensity to approximately 150,000 lux.
      • Plus, there is a dim ambient mode for procedures requiring low light.
    • Add-on features
      • Automatic Illumination Management (AIM)—patented functionality that automatically compensates for the loss of illumination when certain LEDs are obstructed, by increasing power to the remaining LEDs by up to 20%.
      • BOOST—exclusive functionality that maximizes light output to 150,000 lux if required by the conditions of the surgery. The user engages and disengages BOOST mode by holding down the topmost intensity indicator for several seconds. AIM does not function with BOOST enabled.
      • Luminance Management Device (LMD)—patented functionality that involves a sensor measuring the illuminance reflected off the surgical site to the light head (with the intention of mimicking the eye level of the surgeon). This is to ensure that output delivery is correct and maintains the set level of intensity—for example, increasing LED power in response to sensing more absorbent tissue, or decreasing power as a result of glare from surgical instruments. Once the desired level of light is set, the system will automatically counter disturbances that disrupt the set level. This provides an automatic, hands-free adjustment of the illumination level.
    • High color rendering index (CRI) value of 95.
    • Uniform light with a warm color temperature of approximately 3,900 kelvins.
    • Claimed LED life of 60,000 hr.

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