Evaluation: Karl Storz Image 1 S Surgical Video System

March 2, 2016 | Evaluations & Guidance


The Karl Storz Image 1 S is a 2-D, high-definition surgical video system that is a very good choice for most facilities. It offers excellent video performance and safety features, as well as proprietary advanced imaging techniques.

The Image 1 S.
  1. The Image 1 S is a 2-D, high-definition (HD) surgical video system.

  2. Surgical video systems (SVSs) are multicomponent systems that are widely used to view live, color video of the interior of the body during diagnostic and therapeutic minimally invasive surgery (MIS). During MIS, an endoscope (in addition to other surgical instruments) is inserted through natural openings in the body or through access ports.

  3. Major system components:

a) Camera control unit (CCU, or video processor)—the Image 1 S—which transforms camera output into a digital video signal and optimizes image quality. Consists of...

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