Evaluation: ICU Medical/Q Core Medical Sapphire Multitherapy Patient-Controlled Analgesic Infusion Pump

June 18, 2020 | Evaluations & Guidance


Notice—In phases beginning in October 2020, sales, support, and service of the Sapphire line of infusion pumps will no longer be provided by the U.S. distributor, ICU Medical. Sales support and service will be assumed by the Eitan Group in the U.S. For further details, see***Health Devices Alerts*[A35151](/search-results/member-preview/alerts/pages/login)and[A35151 01](/search-results/member-preview/alerts/pages/login). **

The Sapphire Multitherapy is a fair choice for patient-controlled analgesic (PCA) and ambulatory PCA therapy applications. The unit received a poor safety rating due to shortcomings identified with the lockbox accessory, which may not sufficiently secure the medication container against unauthorized access. Due to its small size and long battery life, the unit is also suitable for ambulatory PCA applications; thus, we gave the unit a separate rating in this category. It does not, however, provide wireless functionality—a capability offered by some of its competitors.

*Figure 1.**The Sapphire Multitherapy. (Image courtesy of ICU Medical/Q Core Medical.)*
  1. The Sapphire Multitherapy is suitable for both PCA and ambulatory PCA applications. The characteristics of PCA and ambulatory PCA pumps are as follows:

a) PCA infusion pumps—These devices allow patients to self-administer doses of pain-relieving medication within the limits prescribed by a physician. Patients can activate the delivery of solutions by pressing a pendant button on a cord connected to the pump or a button directly on the pump. This type of therapy is used for postoperative, obstetric, terminally ill,...

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