Evaluation: GlobeStar Systems Connexall Healthcare Workflow Solution Ancillary Alarm Notification System

December 22, 2016 | Evaluations & Guidance


  • The Connexall Healthcare Workflow Solution is used to alert clinical staff to the relevant clinical alarms via mobile communication devices in a timely manner. It also provides a common platform to integrate with a hospital's nonclinical and/or supporting systems, such as security, fire alarm, housekeeping, and transport, and to increase interoperability among different job functions.
  • Major device components and software features:
    • Integration Module—Software specific to the connected systems such as patient monitoring, ventilators, electronic medical records (EMRs), and end-user devices that allows data to be translated between the workflow engine and the connected system. Depending on the system, the modules might be unique to each vendor or system (e.g., one module for an Epic EMR but two separate modules to support Philips monitoring systems and Philips ventilators).
    • Workflow Engine—The server software that facilitates system configuration in terms of prioritizing incoming alerts, building escalation schemes, and specifying alert distribution channels.

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