Passive Baroreflex Amplification (MobiusHD) for Treatment-resistant Hypertension

July 1, 2018 | Technology Forecasts


Note: The following ratings and comments reflect the opinions and consensus of an expert panel convened by ECRI Institute on this topic.

Potential Health Impact: 2(Expected to make a small improvement to patients’ health and/or QOL)

Research has shown clear health benefits from effective long-term blood pressure (BP) control. Pilot trials of this device have reported interim data of systolic BP reductions of 16 to 25 mmHg from one to six months after implantation. Several trials are ongoing but plan to report only six-month follow-up; longer-term follow-up data from randomized controlled trials are needed to determine this intervention’s potential benefits and risks and identify its optimal patient populations. Determining its true impact on reducing cardiovascular events and improving quality of life could require several years of observation to establish definitively. In addition, the need for dual-antiplatelet therapy right before...

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