CardiAMP Cell Therapy to Treat Chronic Refractory Angina

August 29, 2023 | Technology Forecasts


The CardiAMP Cell Therapy is a regenerative medicine that transplants a patient's own bone marrow–derived mononuclear cells into damaged heart muscle to improve heart function and exercise capacity. The developer asserts that improving heart function could also reduce angina incidence in patients who are not candidates for conventional revascularization procedures for ischemic coronary artery disease.

CardiAMP therapy purportedly improves heart function through 2 mechanisms: direct and indirect regeneration. In direct regeneration, the transplanted cells purportedly travel to injured heart muscle (ie, myocardium) and transform into new functional heart cells. In indirect regeneration, the transplanted cells purportedly secrete stimulatory cytokines to instruct resident stem cells to regenerate heart tissue.

Clinicians first collect about 15 mL of bone marrow and send it to a partner laboratory for proprietary molecular analysis to estimate a candidate's likelihood of successful cell therapy. If test results are positive, patients return to the cardiac...

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