Systematic Reviews of Complex Multicomponent Health Care Interventions (AHRQ)

March 3, 2014 | Evidence Reports


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AHRQ charged a group of methodological thought leaders from EPCs and the Scientific Resource Center (SRC) to provide suggestions to EPCs on how to approach systematic reviews of complex multicomponent health care interventions for the EPC program. Through biweekly workgroup calls, two in-person EPC meetings, a literature review, and key informant (KI) interviews of international thought leaders, the workgroup assembled best practices and developed a consensus methods white paper (Figure 1). Information was gathered through two complementary activities: a scan of the literature for publications about the methods of reviewing complex multicomponent interventions and interviews of researchers, systematic reviewers, and health systems leaders who have conducted reviews of complex multicomponent health systems interventions or who use reviews to guide their decision-making regarding implementation of multicomponent interventions. Individuals from five EPCs, the SRC, and AHRQ outlined the approach, set timelines, assigned and coordinated work, analyzed findings, and drafted and edited documents. All members participated in conference calls and assisted with...

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