Computer-aided Detection Mammography for Breast Cancer Screening

November 19, 2010 | Evidence Reports


This report examines computer-aided detection (CAD) of mammography for breast cancer screening. Other applications of CAD and other methods of screening for breast cancer are beyond the scope of this report.

In our previous systematic review, the data were insufficient to calculate estimates of sensitivity and specificity for CAD screening mammography. As of the December 12, 2008, update, new published data enabled us to calculate sensitivity and specificity, thereby providing an estimate of the number of women (per 100,00 screened) who would be recalled for further testing based on abnormal results from an initial screening mammogram and the number of healthy women who would undergo unnecessary breast biopsy. All other findings from our previous report remain the same (i.e., incremental cancers detected with use of CAD, recalls that resulted in a diagnosis of cancer, lack of data about the impact of CAD on mortality from breast cancer). Bibliographic searches were updated on September 26, 2010, but no new studies addressing a key question and reporting an outcome of interest were identified.

Computer-aided detection (CAD) systems assess mammography film or digital images for patterns that may represent microcalcifications or masses that may indicate breast cancer. These systems provide the radiologist with an image marked with CAD findings, which he/she can then compare to the patient’s original mammogram reading. CAD is intended to decrease the...

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