Medication Safety Training Program

January 5, 2018 | Aging Services Risk Management


Medication mishaps are the most common errors in healthcare, and as a result, medication safety is a perennial top priority for healthcare organizations. Medication errors may occur at a rate as high as one per patient or resident per day. Many of these errors are preventable.

Healthcare organizations share a common goal: to reduce the frequency and severity of events related to medication use. Because medication events can involve many individuals, processes, and systems, risk managers need to help their organizations adopt a multidisciplinary and systems approach to medication safety. To reduce medication errors, an institution might evaluate its strengths and weaknesses in medication management safety by completing a self-analysis. Continuing Care Risk Management(CCRM) has prepared a self-assessment questionnaire titled Medication Safety to assist facilities with this self-analysis.

CCRM has developed this training program to help educate prescribers, nurses, and other staff about the common causes of adverse drug events and medication errors and to review the strategies put in place by the organization to reduce them. Educators should also stress the importance of timely and...

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