Corrective Action Plans: Be Specific, Don’t Overpromise

September 23, 2016 | Aging Services Risk Management


​Organizations tasked with drafting corrective action plans following licensure inspections should be specific and avoid overpromising, according to a September 12, 2016, McKnight'sSenior Living column. The plan should begin by resolving the deficiency cited by the inspectors—a "simple but important step" that can be expanded upon to describe how future similar deficiencies can be avoided. It should make generous use of exhibits to back up proposed corrective actions; for instance, planned audits or checklists in the corrective action plan should be supported by forms that will be used to conduct those activities. Organizations should be careful not to appear to overwhelm regulators with documents, however; rather, they should use documents that will be meaningful to demonstrate a commitment to improvement.

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