New Joint Commission Speak Up Campaign Addresses Adult Depression

June 7, 2013 | Aging Services Risk Management


‚ÄčTo provide guidance on recognizing and treating depression, the Joint Commission has released a new Speak Up campaign, Speak Up: What You Should Know about Adult Depression. Launched to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Month, the campaign covers topics such as common causes and warning signs of depression, what questions to ask a doctor or therapist, and advice for how individuals can speak up if they or a loved one needs help. According to a May 21, 2013, Joint Commission news item, the campaign emphasizes that while everyone may feel unhappy or sad at one time or another, depression is more than just feeling sad, and it can cause people to lose interest in activities; feel overwhelmed, agitated, or isolated; or even become suicidal. Although the campaign explains that adult depression has physical and emotional effects that cannot simply be wished or willed away, it also stresses that depression can be treated and that people suffering from depression can recover.

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