Decision Aid Video, Structured Meetings to Assist with Dementia Care Planning

April 25, 2014 | Aging Services Risk Management


​Surrogate decision makers of residents with advanced dementia often lack tools to help them make decisions about the residents’ care, so the authors of a study in the April 2014 Journal of the American Medical Directors Association piloted a video and support program in two North Carolina nursing homes to test its effectiveness. Decision makers for 18 moderate to severe dementia patients viewed a brief (18-minute) video that reviewed elements such as the surrogate’s role, prognosis and goals of care for medical treatment of advanced dementia, treatment approaches for each of three primary care goals (longevity, function, and comfort), consideration of the resident’s personal goals and values, and the pros and cons of choices for each goal. The video was followed by a structured meeting with the resident’s care team and supported with print material with content identical to the video.

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