Webinar Discusses Risk Manager’s Leadership Role in Health IT

March 29, 2013 | Aging Services Risk Management


​As organizations transition to electronic health records (EHRs), risk managers must turn their focus to three areas: (1) information management, (2) integration of the electronic system into the workflow, and (3) data collection without sacrificing good communication about the patient or resident. Speaking at the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management’s (ASHRM) March 21, 2013, webinar, “Avoiding E-iatrogenesis through Risk Management Leadership,” Carolyn Coleman, RN, J.D., CPHRM, director, risk management, Lehigh Valley Health Network (Allentown, Pennsylvania), described the role of risk managers within their organizations’ health information technology (IT) systems. “Look at how information is organized on the screen and ask if it facilitates data usability,” she said, referring to the risk manager’s oversight of information management. In addition, the risk manager should ask the health IT vendor to show them how the printed legal medical record will look to ensure it can be used to defend care. Addressing the integration of EHR systems with workflow, she asked if the system will streamline workflow or add to frustration, leading to delays and the use of risky workarounds.

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