Focus On . . . Resident Aggression and Violence

October 20, 2016 | Aging Services Risk Management


​Residents' or clients' aggressive behavior, ranging from verbal threats and taunts to physical assaults, can adversely affect staff, other residents, the resident him- or herself, the organization as a whole, and others. The following tools are intended to help aging services organizations address resident aggression and violence. For more information, see the guidance article Resident Aggression and Violence.

This web page contains resources from Continuing Care Risk Management and other sources with information on resident aggression and violence.

While there are no current federal regulations pertaining to any form of workplace violence, OSHA has cited nursing and residential care facilities under its general-duty clause for failure to prevent resident violence against staff. In a recent example, the agency proposed a penalty of $8,700 against an Ohio residential care facility where employees were exposed to physical assaults during their routine interactions with residents who have a history of violent behavior. (OSHA...

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