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Participants and leaders from the Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety have been spreading the word about the work being done by participating in videos for ECRI Institute and the media. ECRI Institute has also been keeping our media contacts informed about Partnership activities.

Compilation video of Partnership leadersThey discuss improving health IT safety through the ongoing collection of adverse events, collaborative learning, and creation of health IT-related resources.

Patient safety movement video: Partnering on Health IT: Patient SafetyRonni Solomon, executive vice president and general counsel at ECRI Institute, emphasizes the importance of working together with fellow participants.

H&HN video: How Health IT Impacts Patient SafetyHear Ronni Solomon, executive vice president and general counsel at ECRI Institute, discuss the Partnership.

"How to Identify and Address Unsafe Conditions Associated with Health IT"An ONC white paper intended to help healthcare organizations lay the foundation for a process to identify health IT hazards, using both internal and external resources written by ECRI Institute and Partnership participants.

ECRI Institute press releases:

Together We Will Make Health IT Safer

For more information or to join the Partnership, contact us at or (610) 825-6000.


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