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ECRI Institute's Ebola PPE Price Index, a free public service, helps hospitals and healthcare organizations make more timely and cost-effective purchasing decisions on personal protective equipment (PPE). ECRI Institute surveyed suppliers and assembled an index of their recommended products for Ebola. The Index includes PPE products in 9 key categories with manufacturer, ordering number, description, and low, average, and high prices. Initial pricing is from ECRI Institute's PriceGuide™ member hospitals. This data will be updated regularly, so check back frequently.

Be a champion for a better healthcare system

You can contribute to building a free national database.

What you can do?

You can contribute your data to this national database to make it more complete. You can send us your price data on the categories currently listed; recommendations for additional categories along with your data; product literature for equipment, supplies, and services offered to you by manufacturers.

Why contribute?

The current Ebola situation is uncertain. Health systems must find the balance between preparedness and panic buying of equipment, supplies and services. If supplies are in much greater demand, prices may rise if the demand cannot be met. Participating in ECRI Institute’s crowdsourcing approach to creating a robust, reliable, and free resource to benefit the public is a significant contribution you can make to keep prices in the appropriate range.

Submit your data

We will be publishing a more complete database shortly, but we need your help. For details on submitting your data, please contact or call PriceGuide at (610) 825-6000, ext. 5362. You will be helping us build our free Ebola PPE Price Index and you will receive a complimentary analysis of your current supply spend or proposed pricing to quickly uncover immediate savings opportunities.

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For more information about PriceGuide, ECRI Institute's advisory service for the procurement of medical/surgical supplies and implants, call (610) 825-6000, ext. 5889 or e-mail

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NOTE: The pricing data included in the ECRI Institute PPE Ebola Price Index does not represent all industry data across devices, rather it only represents the data and price points for specific devices submitted to ECRI Institute by its PriceGuide™ member hospitals. Any report or data provided should not be construed, interpreted or relied upon as a "complete" representation or aggregation of all industry data for a specific technology. These averages are subject to change based upon the date of the report, and the data configurations.