Medical Record Maintenance

August 13, 2019

In the world of risk management, we often talk about what providers should document when they care for patients, like the details of the patient's vital signs, to ensure the patient record is complete and accurate. In this episode of Smart Healthcare Safety from ECRI, we're answering recurring questions we get from members regarding other aspects of medical record maintenanceā€”like what to do when a routine audit identifies hundreds of records that have been left unlocked by providers who no longer work for the organization. We'll discuss issues that arise especially in EHRs and steps providers and the organization need to take to protect the integrity of individual records and EHR systems as a whole.

Members of ECRI are able to ask our experts a variety of questions, like the ones we discussed in today's episode or a recent request for advice in developing policy to ensure continuity of care when a provider leaves a practice.

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