COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution & Administration—Is Your Health System Prepared?

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As health systems prepare to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine, there are many questions about distribution and administration. Help ensure your organization’s readiness through a discussion that focuses on safe vaccine management, storage, equipment, and dosage information - and learn best practices from front line workers in the UK who have experience administering the vaccine.

Register to view a recording of our December 16, 2020, live-streamed lab webcast. Focus areas include:

  • Key steps facilities must follow to safely handle and administer the vaccine
  • Best practices for storing and handling dry ice
  • Critical supplies to have and which ones you can go without
  • Dosage preparation and helpful strategies to avoid cross-contamination

The presentation concludes with an informative Q&A session based on questions from hospitals around the globe.


  • Dr. Andrew Furman, Executive Director, Clinical Excellence, ECRI
  • Stephanie Uses, PharmD, JD, Patient Safety Analyst, ECRI
  • David Watson, VP, European Operations - U.K., ECRI
  • Tim Browne, Executive Director, Supply Chain Services, ECRI
  • Jason Launders, MS, Director of Operations, Device Evaluation, ECRI
  • Jonathan Gaev, MSE, Business Line Manager - BioMed, Device Evaluations, ECRI
  • Ramya Krishnan, Sr. Project Engineer, Device Evaluations, ECRI

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