Follow the Safest Path to Avoid Risk and Minimize Claims—We Can Lead the Way

Join the many medical professional liability insurance carriers, captives, and risk retention groups who rely on ECRI for proven patient safety and risk reduction strategies across the continuum of care.

ECRI provides resources targeted towards acute care, continuing care and aging services, ambulatory surgical, and physician practice markets.

With the array of patient safety and risk management services available, you and your insureds can turn to ECRI to:

  • Address and prevent near misses and adverse events
  • Improve culture of safety
  • Proactively assess risk
  • Benefit from actionable safety recommendations
  • Learn from and network with your peers
  • Connect with ECRI’s 400+ experienced healthcare analysts and researchers
  • Complement the services you provide to insureds
  • Retain current insureds
  • Recruit new insureds

New for insurers

ECRI’s new self-guided evaluations to standardize the review process to easily aggregate data and more accurately identify risks during onsite visits. Insurers may use the Risk Assessment - Medical Office and Risk Assessment – Comprehensive Hospital to streamline policy review, interviews, and walkarounds for an unbiased evaluation of risks.

Through automated report generation, hospitals, insurance firms can compare data to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in facilities and health systems. For other areas of evaluation,including Outbreak Preparedness, check out our Risk Assessments.

More than 5,000 organizations rely on ECRI

Your insureds know ECRI as the “gold standard” for risk management resources. You and your insureds will benefit from collaboration with our experienced healthcare analysts and researchers. Now you can align yourself with our reputation for excellence. Our nearly 50 years of expertise in patient safety improvement, risk and quality management, healthcare processes, devices, procedures, and drug technology can be your source for:

  • Patient Safety Organization Services
  • Guidance
  • Assessment Services
  • Education
  • Consulting Services
  • Technology Assistance

When it comes to reducing risks, take our lead

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