Imported Isolation Gowns: Avoiding Safety Issues

Providing assurance and guidance to help protect healthcare workers and patients

Protecting healthcare workers and patients is always important, but the stakes are even higher during COVID-19. The need for isolation gowns has increased although many available through nontraditional international suppliers do not meet safety standards.

ECRI’s Isolation Gown Testing Program provides assurance on whether gowns you have in inventory or plan to purchase meet AAMI liquid barrier standards. This service is available for hospitals and health systems only. See our sample Gown Testing Report for more information on isolation gown performance and learn more about how we can:

  • Test the efficiency of gowns and provide assurance on performance levels.
  • Test gowns prior to purchase to provide you with data to make informed decisions.
  • Recommend functionally equivalent alternatives to meet your needs.

Download the exclusive hazard report

Get your complimentary copy of ECRI’s Exclusive Hazard Report, Use of Isolation Gowns Purchased from Non-Traditional Manufacturers without Independent Lab Validation May Put Healthcare Workers at Risk for Blood and Fluid Exposure, and learn more about our PPE testing today.