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from the Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety

The Partnership for Health IT Patient Safety (Partnership) provides public access to resources intended to help healthcare providers across the continuum of care address key health IT issues.

Partnership update

Monthly, participants receive information about Partnership activities as well as a targeted "data snapshot" looking at health IT-related events and providing some areas of thought on those topics:

Patient safety update archive

Proceedings and reports

2020 Annual Report–This report highlights the Partnership's work in 2020, as well as that performed since its inception, all of which underscore its dedication to health IT safety.

2019 Annual Report—With a focus on incorporating data, analysis, and safe practice implementation review, our 2019 Annual Report offers key insights into ongoing patient safety efforts.

2018 Annual Report—By leveraging technology as a method of successfully disseminating learnings and safety strategies, our 2018 Annual Report, "Building a Path to Sustaining Health IT Safety", offers an in-depth look at various aspects of health IT.

2017 Annual Report—The theme for 2017, "Transforming Health IT by Embedding Safety," emphasized the transformative role that technology plays in care delivery, as well as the impact it has on safety.

Annual In-Person Partnership Meetings: findings, discussions and agendas from these meetings are made available in proceedings from these meetings.

ECRI Institute PSO Deep Dive: Health Information Technology—ECRI Institute PSO report, intended to help stakeholders use the findings and recommendations as part of their effort to achieve those goals.

How to Identify and Address Unsafe Conditions Associated with Health IT—An ONC white paper intended to help healthcare organizations lay the foundation for a process to identify health IT hazards, using both internal and external resources written by ECRI Institute and Partnership participants.


Participants and leaders from the Partnership have been spreading the word about the work being done by participating in videos for ECRI Institute and the media.

Early Partnership activities

Learn more about how the Partnership was formed and early activities completed.