Health Devices Achievement Award Winners Circle

Honoring excellence in the field of health technology management

The Health Devices Achievement Award is presented each year to an ECRI member institution that has demonstrated an outstanding initiative that improves patient safety, reduces costs, or otherwise facilitates better strategic management of health technology. For more information about how the winners are determined or how to apply for consideration, visit the award rules page.

2020 Award Winner

Lower Mainland Biomedical Engineering & Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Joint Investigation of Overinfusion Incidents Has a Global Impact

Through persistence and sound investigative practices, a team representing two healthcare organizations in British Columbia, Canada, identified the cause of potentially fatal overinfusions involving a commonly used brand of infusion pump. Staff from Lower Mainland Biomedical Engineering, which is part of the Provincial Health Services Authority, and Vancouver Coastal Health joined forces to investigate dozens of overinfusion events in healthcare facilities across British Columbia.

After months of examining possible causes, communicating with concerned staff, and searching for evidence, the investigation team had a breakthrough when nurses identified incidents of unintentional medication flow and followed the procedures outlined by the team to secure the equipment. A collaborative examination of the infusion system—a process that involved the investigation team, the infusion pump manufacturer, and ECRI—revealed that the infusion tubing was a contributing factor toward the uncontrolled flow. Closer inspection showed that the tubing wall was thicker on one side of the lumen than the other. The result: When the tubing was oriented a specific way within the pump, the increased wall thickness on one side could prevent the pump from fully occluding the tubing as intended, thus allowing flow.

This discovery eventually led to a global recall affecting hundreds of millions of tubing sets. It also may help explain years of unexplained overdeliveries of medications with this brand of infusion pump. The team's evidence-driven investigation improved patient safety not only within their area of responsibility, but throughout the world, earning the organizations top honors in ECRI's 2020 Health Devices Achievement Award competition.


2019 Award Winner

Penn Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

Developing an App to Promote More Rapid Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation and Sedation


Other Commended Entries

2018 Award Winner

Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA

Postoperative Pulmonary Care Smartphone App


2017 Award Winner

Penn Medicine Center for Healthcare Innovation, Philadelphia, PA

Designing Custom Apps to Improve Patient Care


2016 Award Winner

Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX

Alarm Management Reboot


2014 Award Winner

Christiana Care Health System, Wilmington, DE

Best Practices in Telemetry Management: Redefining Use While Maintaining Patient Safety and Reducing Costs


2013 Award Winner

Methodist Hospital of Southern California, Arcadia, CA

Redefining Medical Equipment Management and Giving a Solution to Vulnerabilities from New Medical Device Technology


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