Health Devices Achievement Award Winners Circle

Honoring excellence in the field of health technology management

The Health Devices Achievement Award is presented each year to an ECRI Institute member institution that has demonstrated an outstanding initiative that improves patient safety, reduces costs, or otherwise facilitates better strategic management of health technology.

12th Award Winner

Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA

Postoperative Pulmonary Care Smartphone App

The organization was honored for its development and implementation of a patient-centric mobile app that promotes better engagement with, and adherence to, the hospital's recommended postoperative pulmonary care protocol. Named the ICOUGH Recovery app, the tool guides patients through the steps of the "ICOUGH" pulmonary care protocol, which focuses on (I)ncentive spirometry, (C)oughing and deep breathing, (O)ral hygiene, (U)nderstanding the value of these actions, (G)etting out of bed at least three times daily, and (H)ead-of-bed elevation.

The app sends notifications to the patients' phones reminding them to perform certain activities, and it incorporates gamification and social-support features to promote adherence to the protocol. For instance, patients can earn gold stars for getting out of bed to walk around the care area, they can track how often they've been using their incentive spirometer, and they can compare their performance with that of other patients. In addition, a friend or family member can be designated as a "Care Coach"; this person receives updates via the app and can help the patient stay accountable.


11th Award Winner

Penn Medicine Center for Healthcare Innovation, Philadelphia, PA

Designing Custom Apps to Improve Patient Care


10th Award Winner

Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX

Alarm Management Reboot


9th Award Winner

Christiana Care Health System, Wilmington, DE

Best Practices in Telemetry Management: Redefining Use While Maintaining Patient Safety and Reducing Costs


8th Award Winner

Methodist Hospital of Southern California, Arcadia, CA

Redefining Medical Equipment Management and Giving a Solution to Vulnerabilities from New Medical Device Technology

7th Award Winner

Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD

Alarm Management Initiative


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