Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What does ECRI stand for?

ECRI stands for Emergency Care Research Institute. In 2007, we expanded our name to ECRI to better describe our foundation in independence and scientific research.

How do I become a member of ECRI? What is the cost?

ECRI offers a variety of solutions across the healthcare continuum. Please call our Client Services department at 610-825-6000 ext. 5891 or e-mail to discuss your needs.

I am already a member and have questions about a specific product. Who should I contact?

Visit our live chat or contact our client services department at 610-825-6000 ext. 5891 or e-mail for assistance.

My organization is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) – how can we access ECRI content?

E-mail to request access to our online resources.

Where is ECRI located?

Our headquarters:
5200 Butler Pike
Plymouth Meeting, PA

We also have offices in the United Kingdom, Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions.

Site Security Questions

Why is the system prompting me to trust this device again even though I have previously opted to trust it?

If you are using Internet Explorer (IE), please confirm the following settings:

  1. You must allow cookies to be stored on your trusted computer. Tools->Internet Options->Advanced
  2. "Delete browsing history on exit" should NOT be selected. Tools->Internet Options

Note: If you clear your cache/delete your cookies, you will be asked to re-authenticate.

What is the difference between "keep me logged in" and "trust this device"?

The keep me logged in feature keeps you logged into the ECRI Institute website so you do not have to continously add your e-mail and password. Trusting your device and entering your activation code registers your device in our system so that is recognized by our security protocols. We recommend that you only register computers that you use frequently and do not register public computers.

Why have I not received my activation code?

Please check your spam folder, and confirm that you are checking your ECRI-registered e-mail account.

If you still do not receive your activation code, please contact the ECRI Help Desk at (610) 825-6000 x5555 or

Will the ECRI site recognize more than one device?

Yes, you can trust more than one device. When you remember an additional device, the system will log you out of the first device, and you will be asked to repeat the activation process. You can review your trusted devices will be listed under the Manage Trusted Devices header on the My Account tab.

Will my ECRI password change?

​No, your password will remain the same.

Technical Questions

I am a member, why am I unable to access my content?

Please confirm that you are logged into the ECRI website. If you are logged in, and still unable to access, the document may not be part of your subscription. Please contact us via chat, or e-mail clientservices@ecri.orgfor assistance.

What browsers are supported by

Currently we support Internet Explorer (IE) 11 and IE 10 only. We are working to support additional platforms.

I checked “Remember me on this computer,” so why do I still have to log in each time I enter the site?

In order to utilize the "Remember Me" feature, you must confirm that cookies are enabled in your browser settings. If your browser is set to delete your history on exit, the "Remember Me" feature will not work.