Webinar | Skin Substitutes for Chronic Wounds and Breast Reconstruction Procedures

December 10, 2019


Advancements with biologic and synthetic tissue technologies have resulted in myriad skin substitute product offerings. Healthcare professionals can feel overwhelmed by the number of choices and the variation of clinical applications for each. The experts at ECRI Institute have studied this class of products and remain at the forefront of assessing their clinical applications and market dynamics to help you make the best choices for the patient populations you serve.

This webinar will provide an overview of the main sources of skin substitutes derived from animal (e.g., bovine, porcine), human (e.g., placenta), and synthetic materials. We’ll explain what you need to understand about acellular versus cellular matrices and the implications for preventing immunologic responses. Our team will present the clinical evidence and current research across these categories. Another important area we’ll review is the changing FDA regulatory climate. These technologies are now categorized as minimally manipulated human cell and tissue products that are not subject to a regulatory pathway,but may be in the future.

In addition to the clinical use of skin substitutes, the ECRI PriceGuide™ team will deliver valuable market trends and insights on the more than 70 skin substitute products available. We’ll provide an overview of the various categories and manufacturers, including their market share and price trends. Let us help you make sense of it all.

Learning Objectives
1. Understand sources of skin substitutes and their clinical applications
2. Understand the safety and efficacy evidence for specific products and clinical uses
3. Assess the regulatory environment and recent changes with FDA labeling
4. Identify the product options to best serve your patient demographics
5. Define market trends and price differentials

Who Should Attend
Plastic surgeons, Breast Reconstruction Teams, Wound Care Teams, Value Analysis Committee Members, Nurses at Wound Care and Ambulatory Care Clinics, Clinical Teams involved in care of diabetic or long-term care patients, Supply Chain professionals, and Third-Party Payers

Agenda & Speakers

David Snyder, PhD

Senior Research Analyst, Health Technology Assessment Information Service™

Kristina Cybularz

Manager, PriceGuide™