Webinar | Medical Device Cybersecurity Alerts – Managing Threats and Mitigating Risk

June 23, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. ET


Medical device cybersecurity threats are a worldwide concern that can disrupt healthcare delivery around the globe. Learn how Alerts Workflow, ECRI's automated recall management platform, combats this issue by reporting medical device security vulnerabilities for numerous manufacturers and delivers recall notifications directly to the correct contact at your organization.

This session will:

  • Focus on notable medical device security alerts from 2019-2020 and discuss ECRI’s recommendations and best practices for responding.
  • Discuss the value of data standardization in cybersecurity and how reducing data discrepancies across devices provides more safety and improves recall management responses.
  • Provide a live demonstration on how Alerts Workflow can help your organization identify cybersecurity risks and respond quickly to known issues.

Agenda & Speakers

Erin Sparnon, MEng

Senior Engineering Manager, Health Devices

Juuso Leinonen

Senior Project Engineer

Chad Waters

Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, Device Evaluation

Timothy A. Gibson

Manager, Healthcare Product Alerts Customer Relations


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