Healthcare Environmental Manager Training and Certification (HEM) Course

This course is currently available online.

Available Online


The Healthcare Environmental Management (HEM) course provides the unique opportunity to improve healthcare safety and security management skills by focusing on compliance with applicable regulations and a systems safety approach to hazard identification and control. Available in-class or online, participants focus on improving workplace safety, reducing the risk of illness and injury to staff and patients, and minimizing property loss.

The course addresses safety from a human factors and systemic perspective. Students are introduced to these concepts as approaches to hazard identification and accident investigation and analysis. Using these concepts, students will be better able to identify systemic factors that may contribute to incidents.

Agenda & Speakers

The program provides the background and tools to better manage the workplace hazards present across the continuum of care. View the agenda for the course.


To register for the course or ask a requirement question, contact Client Management Services at, or by phone at 610-825-6000, ext. 5891.