Evaluating Safety Features for Peripheral IV Access Catheters

September 15, 2021 | 12:00 p.m. ET


Peripheral IV Catheters (PIVC) are used in many healthcare settings to provide a short term venous access to deliver fluids, blood, medication, imaging contrast and to collect blood. A wide variety are available and manufacturers are promoting new features that aim to improve safety. Join ECRI’s team of experts for this members-only webcast as we discuss our findings.

Learning objectives

In this webcast, we will explore:

  • The safety concerns when using PIVCs, including infection control
  • Mitigating infection risks - choosing the type of line for a patient (using as an alternative to central line)
  • Safety considerations for using PIVCs outside acute care
  • New features available to improve safety
  • Major differences we found in our testing
  • Factors to consider for specific applications

Agenda & Speakers

Jason Launders

Director of Operations, Device Evaluation, ECRI
Jason Launders has been at ECRI since 1998 and is currently the Director of Operations for the Device Evaluation group. Jason’s primary responsibility is managing ECRI’s laboratory based evaluations of medical technologies. Jason has an MSc in Medical Physics and spent his earlier time at ECRI evaluating a wide range of diagnostic imaging technology, such as: CT, MRI, PACS, and Digital Radiography. Today, he is responsible for developing the content of evaluations to ensure they meet the needs of our members.

Juuso Leinonen

Senior Project Officer, Device Evaluations, ECRI
Juuso Leinonen performs comparative hands-on medical device evaluations and investigates medical device related problems. Juuso is currently ECRI's lead subject matter expert on medication delivery and pharmacy technologies. He has tested and evaluated most of the currently marketed infusion devices in the U.S. and assisted a number of healthcare facilities with technology selection/procurement projects.


Senior Infection Prevention & Patient Safety Analysts/Consultant, ECRI
Jim Davis has 25-plus years of nursing experience spanning long-term care, adult critical care, clinical decision support, education, nurse management, and infection prevention. He has designed version 2 of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority’s long-term care healthcare acquired infection reporting system and analytics programs and has provided educational programs about infection control topics for risk management groups and patient safety organizations.

Shannon Rose

Patient Safety Analyst/Consultant, Aging Services, ECRI
Shannon Rose works in Aging Services at ECRI consulting with Senior Living Executives on patient safety and risk management. Her background is in Occupational Therapy and Public Health with expertise in falls prevention, and is pursuing her Certification in Infection Prevention and Control.