ECRI Speaks on Acuity-Adaptable Patient Rooms at Watchdog's Food for Thought

Philadelphia, PA

March 12, 2019


Patient handoffs are a known safety risk, and transferring long-stay patients between nursing units may be a big dissatisfier – both for the patient and their family. Some hospitals have implemented a patient room solution that accommodates various levels of a patient's nursing needs, by changing the care intensity of the patient room, rather than transferring the patient to the next level care unit. However, these acuity-adaptable environments are challenging – both from a nursing care model as well as medical equipment and room design.

During a presentation titled Acuity-Adaptable Patient Rooms: Simplifying the Patient Flow from Admission to Discharge , our experts will outline an acuity-adaptable patient room, its various components, and the benefits to utilization. Speakers will discuss which health system key stakeholders need to be involved in design, as well as issues related to acuity-adaptable room design, equipment procurement, and workflow implementation.

Agenda & Speakers

Brandon Andress

Associate, Medical Planning

Robert P. Maliff

Director, Strategic Initiatives


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Philadelphia, PA 19103


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