COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution & Administration—Is Your Health System Prepared?

an ECRI Lab Webcast

December 16, 2020 | 12:00 p.m. ET


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As health systems prepare to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine, there are many questions about distribution and administration. Help ensure your organization’s readiness and join us for a discussion that focuses on safe vaccine management, storage, equipment, and dosage information - and learn best practices from front line workers in the UK who have experience administering the vaccine.

During this webcast, our experts will discuss these key questions:
1. What are the key steps facilities must follow to safely handle and administer the vaccine?
2. What are the best practices for storing and handling dry ice?
3. Which supplies are critical and which ones can you go without?
4. How are the doses prepared and what are some helpful strategies to avoid cross-contamination?

Our experts will also provide lessons learned from front line workers in the UK where the vaccine is now being distributed. A Q&A session follows the presentation

Agenda & Speakers

Andrew Furman, MD, MMM, FACEP

Executive Director, Clinical Excellence, ECRI

Stephanie Uses, PharmD, JD

Patient Safety Analyst, ECRI

David Watson

VP, European Operations - U.K., ECRI

Tim Browne

Executive Director, PriceGuide, Supply Chain Services, ECRI

Jason Launders, MS

Director of Operations, Device Evaluations, ECRI

Jonathan Gaev, MSE

Business Line Manager - BioMed, Device Evaluations, ECRI

Ramya Krishnan

Sr. Project Engineer, Device Evaluations, ECRI