Jamison Discusses Intravenous Medication at APSF Stoelting Conference

David Jamison

September 5, 2018


Anesthesia patients are continuously at risk for intraoperatively and perioperatively medication errors. While measures are being taken to improve medication safety, this area has been slow to change and advancements have been inconsistent.

During the APSF Stoelting Conference, David Jamison, executive director of the health devices group at ECRI Institute, will lead a session titled Intravenous Medication Administration: Potential for Harm. In this session, Jamison will discuss ways to reduce medication and administration errors. This session will specifically focus on the operating room environment and the anesthesia clinician.

Agenda & Speakers

David Jamison, MBA

Executive Director, Health Devices Group

David Jamison is responsible for all product evaluations, problem report investigations, operations, and the strategic and business direction of the engineering department. Jamison oversees the engineering staff that provides technical guidance to other departments. Jamison has spent his career in medical device companies, leading research and development teams, and launching new medical devices. He has significant experience with multi-national/multi-site teams and international business and has deep experience in anesthesia systems and human ventilation.


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The Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) Stoelting Conference will bring together members of perioperative professional organizations and representatives from anesthesia-related industries, insurance, legal, and human factors fields to share insights and actionable ways to improve medication safety. This two-day conference offers expert sessions to help attendees understand the factors that contribute to medication errors, the impact of drug shortages, and the available options to reduce patient harm.